About us

Panotec is the first company in the world that has designed and manufactured machines for the production of customized packaging.

With its innovative custom box machines, Panotec in 1986 patented a system to produce cardboard boxes of exact the same size as the goods to be packed. Our solutions are a perfect alternative to die-cut boxes. They make you save time, space and money by using handy machines of low environmental impact.

Ever since the corporate philosophy has put its focus on being particularly attentive towards the customer and the products as well as on the saving of materials and money. Panotec systems contributed significantly to reduce packaging costs, improve the product image and they helped eliminating box storage space in warehouses. This is why Panotec succeeded in manufacturing and distributing its packaging machines not only on the most important European markets but also on the world markets.

The story of Panotec is intertwined with innovation, passion and expertise to create products and services that focus more and more on the current and constantly evolving needs of the customer without losing sight of environmental aspects: both, the packaging and the machines are of low environmental impact.

Panotec is certified according to CE, EAC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, thus demonstrating that the company is fully capable of living up to the needs of its customers in a coherent and comprehensive way.