Is it possible to produce customized boxes that are not included in the “Panotec parametric boxes" catalogue?

Yes, within the functional scope of the machine it is possible to produce customized boxes not included in the catalogue. (e.g.: it is not possible to produce boxes with curved cuts)

If I wanted to produce different box models in the future, that are more complex, would it be possible to upgrade the machine by adding a certain number of units?

Yes, the machine can upgraded by adding more units. The operation is very simple and it can take place directly at the customer site.

I would not know where to place a machine due to space problems in my warehouse. Is there a solution to this issue?

Yes, there is. Panotec has created several mezzanine floor structures for customers with little storage space. Thanks to this solution, the customer can exploit the full space available in height in a safe and comfortable way.

Do you provide a technical support service to solve possible issues that may arise? Is this service also available via remote assistance?

Yes, Panotec provides a remote assistance service that can solve 99% of technical issues. Via a VPN connection we can connect directly to the machine and fix the problem without being on-site. The customer has the option to subscribe to a remote assistance agreement granting several discounts as well as a priority treatment in the resolution of any technical issue: find out more in our section Remote Support Service.

Is it possible to interface Panotec software with the machines already in place at our facility?

Yes, Panotec has created its own software to meet this requirement: our programs are interfaceable with the software and machines already in site at the customer's premises. This is a result not only of the valuable expertise gathered over the years but also of the flexibility and attentiveness Panotec shows towards the customer.

Can the machine produce cardboard fillers?

Yes, the machine can produce various types of cardboard fillers improving the protection of the product, thus avoiding damages due to displacements inside the box. A further advantage is the possibility to replace fillers of other non-recyclable materials the customer may have used before. This involves the saving of costs for the supply of filler materials.

What is the minimum box height the machine can produce?

The minimum box height is about 20 mm; however, we provide solutions to produce boxes with a smaller box height.

If I need a box of a width exceeding 3 meters, how can I produce it?

Even if the machine width is only 3 meters, you can still produce the box by turning it 90 degrees in order to produce boxes wider than 3 meters.

How much fanfold waste does the machine produce? Do you provide waste management solutions?

The cardboard optimization software allows the machine to automatically select the most suitable fanfold size used for the box to be produced. Thus, waste is reduced to a minimum. The machine can be equipped with a trim evacuating system, which conveys the trim to a container or a press baler, keeping the production site clean.

How many fanfold sizes can be used by the machine?

The highest performing machine can be equipped with up to 12 cardboard sizes. This is possible thanks to a feeding device called "Side by Side", which allows the use of 2 cardboard sizes, one next to the other: the maximum number of 6 storages feeding the machine can therefore become 12. This allows the customer to optimize the use of fanfold by using a different thickness or different kinds of serigraphies.

I need boxes with a logo printed on the entire surface. Can fanfold be pre-printed?

Yes, it can. All fanfold manufacturers can pre-print the cardboard with serigraphies and in different colours.

Is special training required to use the machine or its software?

No, special training is not required. The software is extremely easy to use and once the machine has been installed, our technician will give you a short training session on the spot. The simplicity of the software allows any operator to work independently from the very beginning.

Are there any limitations in size for producing a box?

The only limitation is set by the width of our largest machine, which is 3 meters. However, by using fanfold, several meters of cardboard are available and it is therefore possible to create long boxes with a dimensions of 3mt x 10mt!