Green as a strategic choice



  • Green as a strategic choice

Green as a strategic choice

Great success for the event hold in Panotec on the 26th of October and titled “how to create value for the costumer with Green”

The event took place  in Panotec on  the 26th of October and was organized with the collaboration of Gianesin Canepari & Partners.

Five successful case history to explain the importance of the “green as a strategic choice and as an organization model of excellence, allowing them to grow and to find new competitive impulse”.

After the presentation of the research “how green are you?”, five big companies operating in our territory shared their experience. These were: BAXI, PASTA SGAMBARO, PEDON, PANOTEC AND PIANCA.

At the end of the event the  participating companies had the opportunity to visit our environmentally friendly facility and enjoyed a drink all together.